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The Latest Rule Changes.
I see that the ITTF has recommended a number of rule changes to be implemented in the next couple of years. The trouble is that these changes are becoming more and more radical each year and , I feel are resulting in less and less people playing the game.
For example there is a proposal that players can no longer use their free arm to shield the ball when serving.
This is a nightmare for the recent generations of players who have been brought up serving in this way, and subsequently designing their entire game around a strong service followed up by a third ball attack. After playing in a certain way for ten or more years is a player going to go through the motions of re-inventing his game using a backhand serve and subsequently having to re-model his footwork.
I'm sure you can work the answer out for yourselves.

Do you agree with the rantings of the Webmaster or are they just the selfish views of a player with no backhand ??
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The views expressed in this editorial are those of the individual and not necessarily those of the Tameside Table Tennis League